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wireless go & pro
Fridays' Swyx Tip
8/11/2011 11:07:53 PM
Wrap-up time
Fridays' Swyx Tip
5/20/2011 4:15:36 AM
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SwyxWare Development
10/7/2014 4:36:07 PM
SwyxIt! variables
7/3/2014 11:32:33 AM
Swyx Technology Conference (STC)
11/27/2013 4:57:05 PM
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Welcome to Swyx Forum, the independent Swyx community


This community is maintaind by Swyx enthusiasts for Swyx users, administrators, resellers, developers and anybody else being interested in Swyx respectively SwyxWare, it's OEM versions as well as also products and tools around it.

This website is privately owned and driven. It is not owned nor driven by Swyx Solutions AG, Dortmund, Germany. See imprint for details.

Becoming a member of this community is for free ! Our sponsors make sure of that.



Today I would like to share some early bird information with you.

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Fridays' Swyx Tip

Mirjam from ITNetWorld provides the Fridays' Swyx Tip. In here she publishes every friday a useful tip for the daily work with the SwyxWare.



Swyx Technology Conference 2013

STC 2013 was located in Amsterdam (18.10.)

read about all STCs


Featured Video

Persistent Variables

Fresh from the Muppet Swyx Laboraties is this video about Persistent Variables, which are part of the Call Routing Extensions open source project. The video explains setup and usage of this most useful tool.

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Featured SwyxPEDIA Articles

Programer References

The following articles provide lots of programing references usefull for people who try to make the most of their SwyxWare.

SwyxWare Development
SwyxIt! Development


Featured Project

IpPbx Powershell Module

IpPbx Powershell Module

The IpPbx Powershell Module project enables you to more or less fully administrate SwyxWare by using Windows Powershell scripts. From scripting new users or trunks up to manipulating the speed dials of a user everything is possible.



Featured Download

SwyxIt! 2011R2 Index Skin

Gwyn from our sponsor Atia Comms created this wonderfully small but also huge skin. The skin comes with 240 speed dials, distributed over 8 pages with 30 speed dials each. This skin gives you a huge amout of flexibility by using just a little space of your screen.

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Featured Integration

Video Conferencing with ooVoo

Mirjam from ITNetWorld demonstrates in a short video how to integrate the free video conference system ooVoo into SwyxIt!.

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